Before installing an air conditioner and/or heating system into a home or office, there must be sufficient circuits and electrical wiring to accommodate the unit(s). When remodeling or adding a new A/C to an older home or office building, it is very likely that your new system will require some electrical upgrading to accommodate newer technology. New air conditioners require circuits while many older homes and buildings are still set up for an older fuse system.

Correctly installing air conditioning and/or heating systems in a home or commercial building is crucial for maintaining safety, protecting your appliances and controlling your electric bill. In hot climates, air conditioners typically use the most energy of any other electrical appliance within a home. However, A/C units are probably the most valuable electrical devices within South Florida structures. Needless to say, it is well worth the investment to make sure the size of an air conditioner(s) is sufficient for your house or commercial building.

Manufacturers recommend air conditioners be connected to their own circuit on the dwelling’s electrical panel box. When replacing or installing a new air conditioner, it is imperative the device is properly wired by a professional electrical technician. Attempting to perform electrical installations or repairs without proper knowledge or certification is not only illegal – it’s downright DANGEROUS!

Bosco Electric, Inc. (BEI) has been serving South Florida residents and businesses with a wide range of electrical services for more than ten years. All of our electrical technicians are highly skilled and certified to help locate the safest and best electrical connection for you’re A/C unit, as well as diagnosing electrical problems, providing repairs or adding electrical circuits as necessary. Once your A/C unit has been installed, a member of our team will make sure the unit is attached to the electrical panel correctly to maintain safety, prevent damage and avoid wasting excess electricity.

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