Some of the most beautiful homes in the world are located right here in the Sunshine State. And it’s not just about the architectural design, landscapes and color schemes that make these houses stand out, the lighting at night surrounding these residences plays a significant role in presentation.

Adding exterior lighting to a home or business is not only a good idea for safety and security reasons, a well-planned outside lighting system also adds a picture-perfect glow to any South Florida landscape. According to many professional home decorators, artificial lighting can drastically affect the appearance of paint colors on walls, patio furniture and the tropical foliage surrounding a home or office building.

The right landscape lighting design and fixtures will draw attention by highlighting features within the architecture and illuminating vibrant shades in plants, flowers and trees. Homes situated along the water will literally glisten as the lights reflect and create even more brilliant colors.

Solar outdoor lighting and LED exterior lighting have made it more affordable than ever before to add exterior landscape lighting. Solar lighting relies completely on the sun for energy, so there are no wires to worry about in addition to other great benefits, such as:

• Black-Out Proof
• Completely Safe
• Easy to Install
• Environmentally Friendly
• Fixtures are Affordable
• Free Energy
• Maintenance Free
• No Batteries Required

LED Lights provide a better quality of lighting, which is ideal for decorating. These lights are initially more expensive to purchase than regular light bulbs, but overtime LED’s actually save money because they require less energy and outlast the traditional bulbs. A typical 10 Watt LED bulb will last 50,000 hours compared to a 60 Watt regular light bulb at 1,200 hours with monetary savings of approximately $260 or more.

Bosco Electric will help you light up the outside of your home or office with the best outdoor lighting services and the most modern renewable energy solutions available. Bosco has been providing residents and businesses in South Florida with safe and dependable electrical and outdoor lighting services since 2004. Call 561-732-0515 to schedule a free estimate.