Safety is Priority One at Bosco Electric

SafetyBosco Electric puts safety as its number 1 priority. With a complex safety certified program, BEI eliminates hazards on and off the job site. Our certified OSHA safety officers provide weekly meetings for all electricians and staff in the field to ensure excellence when providing electrical services to our customers.

Bosco Electric insures that all job sites are frequently inspected and staff is always appropriately certified for each trade and/or technique required on the site.

BEI’s work ethic and dedication to protect staff is pristine and flawless. Such commitment has kept this company incident free since its inception. Bosco does not believe in taking risks or shortcuts in any circumstances. As a result, the South Florida electrical contractor has proved that time and energy are necessary to bringing a job to its optimal result. With strong policies and training, BEI has continued to maintain an excellent job safety and performance record.

Safety Training Program

  • Material/tools
  • Fall Protection
  • Gasoline Storage
  • Eye Protection
  • Hard Hat Protection
  • First Aid treatment
  • Fore Prevention
  • Ladders

Electrical contractors are responsible for the health and safety of employees who are exposed to a variety of hazards such as electrical shock, electrocution,  injuries, slips and falls. The occurrence of these injuries are increasing in the scope of services performed by the typical electrical contractor. Always make sure when you choose an electrical company that they are current and  OSHA certified.

For further information regarding Bosco Electric OSHA Compliance programs please contact:

Melissa Miller
OSHA-Certified Director
Office: 561-732-0515
3200 S Congress Avenue, Suite 205
Boynton Beach, Florida  33426