If there is one thing we can rely on here in South Florida it’s power outages. From violent summer storms and annoying hurricanes to unexpected electrical problems from wind, rain and general technical difficulties, we certainly have our share of episodes without electricity. Therefore, installing whole house generators helps families and businesses to maintain “life as usual” regardless of what Mother Nature decides to throw their way.

Losing power is not just an inconvenience. Power outages without backup generators can lead to catastrophic circumstances for local businesses and residents. When a company loses power, they also lose the ability to operate business as usual. As a consequence, production is often stopped and revenue is lost. Whether the power is out for a few hours, days or months, work becomes lost or backed-up and the end consequences can become financially debilitating.

Losing electricity at home in South Florida can also be detrimental. Many of our residents rely on electrical power for medical reasons. For instance, if a person depends upon medical equipment which is operated by electricity to survive, losing power could lead to serious health problems or even worse, death. And it’s not just the elderly or medically challenged who may be affected. Anyone living in a South Florida home without A/C during the summer months can lead to health problems and fatalities.

Scientific studies have revealed that the human body’s reaction to “no air conditioning” goes much deeper than simply “being hot”. The scientists’ conclusions discovered that air conditioning maintains a cleaner, and a more “disease-free” environment. And after several days without air conditioning, the body could be at risk of serious health conditions, such as extreme dehydration, heat stroke, ischemic stroke, cardiovascular disease and pneumonia.

Bosco Electric, Inc. (BEI) has been serving South Florida residents and businesses with residential electric services, such as generator repair, maintenance and installations for more than ten years. Our electrical technicians are available to help home owners and businesses with all facets of standby generators, including routine generator maintenance, such as:

  • Air Filter & Oil Changes
  • Coolant Flush
  • Cooling System Check
  • Battery Check
  • Diagnostic Check
  • Fluid Check
  • Lubrication Check

Regular maintenance will help to keep home generators in top condition. Nothing is worse than when there is a power outage and generator outage at the same time. To make sure your generator is currently in good working condition, call Bosco Electric today for the most reliable South Florida generator services available at 561-732-0515.